Introduction to Paint Formulation Short Course

May 06 - 10, 2013

 This intensive five-day course will take you through the basic steps of paint formulation, from understanding the process to an actual laboratory formulation. Through study and work in a laboratory, you can learn to formulate paints to meet specific requirements. You will have the opportunity to study and experiment with basic raw materials and their influences on the performance of the finished coatings, formulation and testing of coatings in the laboratory to meet the special demands of the job, limitations of plant production equipment and formulation variables for moving a coating from the lab to the plant and modern chemical instrumentation as applied to coatings.

In the classroom and in the lab you can put to work the techniques you have learned and test some of your own ideas. Learn how to solve formulation problems imposed by government regulations using methods of calculating formulas that assure you are in compliance.

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Rolla, MO