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Larry Chesterfield

Larry Chesterfield

Larry Chesterfield is president and owner of Anodizing Technologies Inc. With 21 years in business, ATI designs, builds and installs turnkey facilities for aluminum anodizing, titanium anodizing and other metal finishing processes. The company prides itself on providing more than just anodizing equipment—service extends to project management and anodizing technical consulting.

Prior to ATI, Larry was on the other side of the business—he spent 25 years as owner-operator of a large job shop aluminum anodizing, electrostatic painting and aluminum fabrication business.

Larry is also the co-inventor of a patented anodizing process called “High Absorptance, High Emittance Anodic Coating,” a passive thermal control coating used on the International Space Station. The anodized coating controls the surface temperature of aluminum tool bodies and other parts affixed to the exterior of the space station that are subject to thermal changes between the light and dark sides of earth orbit. This makes these space station maintenance tools safe for the astronauts to handle

Larry holds a California “Class A” contractor’s license and has been an active member of the Aluminum Anodizers Council for many years, and has authored various technical papers about anodizing.

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