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David S. Peterson

David S. Peterson

Dave Peterson has been involved with the industrial parts cleaning industry for 25 years. During that time, he has enjoyed a variety of experiences and challenges including the search for environmentally acceptable methods of and alternatives to halogenated solvent degreasing, process chemical formulation, new equipment specification, purchase, installation, as well as process development and optimization utilizing six sigma techniques.

Dave has held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility from process chemist to his current role as manager-materials development at the global headquarters of Modine Manufacturing, in Racine, Wisconsin. In addition to process cleaning, Dave is responsible for laboratory management, which includes failure analysis, production problem root cause analysis, supplier evaluation, corrosion testing, and materials development projects. He collaborates with his colleagues in Europe and leads activities and cooperative projects in South America and Asia.

For fifteen years, Dave has authored the bi-monthly Cleaning Clinic in addition to publishing several articles and giving conference presentations, two of which were chosen for best paper. Additionally, he authored the book A Practical Guide to Industrial Metal Cleaning, published by Hanser Publications. Dave has a B.S. in chemistry from Carroll University and a Masters in materials engineering from Auburn University.

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