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Jose Tirado

Jose A. Tirado "Joe"

Joe was born in Spain, where he earned B.S./M.S. degrees in industrial chemistry-chemical engineering and completed courses toward his Ph.D. at the University Complutense de Madrid.

In 1984, Joe moved to the U.S. and took a position as industrial monitoring chief for the City of Lima, Ohio. Shortly after that, he started working for the surface treatment company MetoKote where he later led a team in the startup of MetoKote España, the first MetoKote facility outside of the U.S.

Upon returning to the corporate offices in Lima in 1992, Joe assumed increasing corporate responsibilities until his semi-retirement at the end of 2008, when he founded Ti6 Consulting International, a technology consulting company focusing on engineered coatings. The company provides integrated solutions and innovations and advising clients on process development and control, equipment design, root-cause analysis, wastewater treatment, environmental regulatory and compliance affairs and renewable energy.

Since 2009, Joe has also been writing the Electrocoat Clinic for PF.

Joe speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese and maintains residencies in Spain and the U.S. He has one son, John Sebastian, and is proud of his multiple participations in aid relief missions to Guatemalan war refugees in Belize, building schools, dormitories, and providing basic utilities such a drinking water and solar electrical systems.

He enjoys nice weather, the outdoors and family traditions.

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