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The latest from the Plating Clinic

Replacing Nickel with Tri-Metal in Electronics Plating

Tri-metal—or white bronze—is becoming an increasingly popular topic and can be used as a replacement for using nickel in plating applications.

Ask an Expert Published: October 01, 2016

What’s New in the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) of 2016 passed with overwhelming support and the Act is now effective, impacting how a company can protect its assets. Below is a recap of what is new and what every company should be looking to do in light of this new law.

Ask an Expert Published: October 01, 2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Zinc Shot Blasting, Zinc Plating Alternatives

David S. Peterson talks zinc shot blasting, zinc plating alternatives, and advantages to reducing the heating of alkaline cleaners.

Ask an Expert Published: October 01, 2016

Plating Clinic: Adhesion of Brush Plated Deposits

Q. How well does a brush-plated deposit adhere to the base metal?

Ask an Expert Published: September 01, 2016

Plating Clinic: Non-Dyed Versus Dyed Acid Copper

Q. What is the difference between non-dyed vs. dyed acid copper technologies?

Ask an Expert Published: August 01, 2016

Time for a Federal Contractor Reality Check

The economic benefits of a federal contractor status can be significant; the federal government awarded over $445 billion in contracts in the 2014 fiscal year.

Ask an Expert Published: July 01, 2016

Plating Clinic: Cleaner Bath Life

Q. My cleaners are not lasting nearly as long as they should. What can I do to lengthen the life of my cleaner bath?

Ask an Expert Published: July 01, 2016

Plating Q&A: Reduced Brightness and Thickness

Why aren't our parts as bright as they were before plating?

Ask an Expert Published: June 01, 2016

Plating Q&A: Alternatives to Hydrochloric Acid

We need to reduce our first pass defect rate.

Ask an Expert Published: May 01, 2016

Legal Q&A: Changing Compliance Expectations

How should companies respond to the government’s increased emphasis on compliance?

Ask an Expert Published: April 01, 2016

Plating Q&A: Benefits of Different Soak Cleaners

There are three primary types of soak cleaners: liquid, two-part liquid and powder.

Ask an Expert Published: April 01, 2016

Plating Q&A: Diminishing Plating Thickness

The brightness of our parts slowly degrades every week.

Ask an Expert Published: March 01, 2016

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