A.J. Dralle Inc. and Volz Luftfilter Form Partnership

Representatives at A.J. Dralle Inc. say the merger will provide products previously unavailable in North America.

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A.J. Dralle Inc. (Joliet, Illinois) and Volz Luftfilter (Boblingen, Germany) formed a strategic partnership to deliver air filtration products to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Representatives at A.J. Dralle Inc. say the merger will provide products previously unavailable in North America and will increase quality control.


As principal partners, A.J. Dralle and Volz merge the most modern American and European trends in air filtration manufacturing and product development. From the most effective ceiling diffusion media for automotive paint booths, to industry-renowned filtration systems for aerospace manufacturing, these companies can guarantee their North American customers a filtration product to meet their needs, while exceeding industry standards and regulations.


“This strategic alliance makes available world-class products to North America. As an agent and distributor of Volz automotive filter media and systems, we can provide products previously unavailable in North America. Additionally, by assembling A.J. Dralle automotive filtration systems in the U.S. with Volz ceiling diffusion media, we maintain excellent quality control,” said James Dralle, President and CEO of A.J. Dralle, Inc.


Rainer Volz stated, “As one of Europe’s largest independent HVAC and Automotive Air Filter Manufacturers, Volz Luftfilter is delighted to have formed a strategic alliance with A.J.Dralle. Volz is a principal and preferred supplier to many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. It was crucial for us to partner with a company capable of servicing and meeting the demands of such organizations.”


Founded in 1966 in Boblingen, Germany, Volz Luftfilter products and filter media are widely used throughout Europe for HVAC, automotive paint booth applications, and gas turbines. Volz employs more than 500 people and has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Slovakia, and the U.K.


Founded in 1976 in Lemont, Illinois, A.J. Dralle, Inc. manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art air filters to a large customer base, including clientele in the aerospace, auto body, food service, health care, and manufacturing industries. A.J. Dralle has an extensive distributor network serving the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Great Britain


For more information on the A.J.Dralle, Inc., and Volz Luftfilter partnership, please contact James Dralle at 815-730-0505 or James1830@ajdralle.net. To explore the products our companies offer, please visit www.ajdrallefilters.com and www.volzfilters.com . 

For more information, visit ajdrallefilters.com.

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