New partnership to accelerate carbon fiber recycling, reuse

AMTII Corp. will partner with Adherent Technologies to bring the latter's recycling technology to market in the Oklahoma or Kansas area in 2014, serving nearby industrial and aircraft manufacturing centers.

AMTII Corp. (Burke, Va.) and Adherent Technologies Inc. (ATI, Albuquerque, N.M.) announced today an agreement in principle to partner in to bring Adherent's technologies for recycling of carbon fiber waste and reactive fiber sizing  to market. They anticipate opening their first plant in the Oklahoma or Kansas area in 2014. The plant will that will service the significant industrial and aircraft manufacturing centers located in that region.

ATI's carbon fiber recycling and reactive fiber finishes reportedly offer distinct advantages for the growing carbon fiber market. AMTII says recovery of carbon fiber by recycling enables manufacturers to deal with secondary carbon fiber and end-of-life parts. The technology uses a "closed-loop process" that has been demonstrated for major aircraft programs that employ carbon fiber composites. Changing waste to raw materials using ATI's process is said to also deliver refinable liquid products and precious metal recovery useful for electronics, automotive, mixed plastics and tires. Additionally, manufacturers are enabled to destroy classified components as composite structures are completely broken down and all materials are recovered and accountable.

The new plant will have an initial capacity to process 5 metric tonnes (about 11,000 lb) of scrap per day.

ATI's fiber sizings as welll as composite repair primers are based on reactive coupling agents formulated to lead to improved properties and durability. They feature covalent bonding at the interface and are useful for not only for carbon fibers, but silicon-carbide, alumina and Kevlar (aramid) fibers as well. The formulations are designed to be compatible with vinyl ester, BMI, polyimide, phenolic, polyester and epoxy resin systems. The repair primers are formulated to increase the dry bond strength of structures and to provide improved environmental durability of bonded repairs.

AMT II, is a private investment, management and consulting firm specializing in the chemical, advanced composites and aerospace industries, and expects to become a major partner in the new enterprise, providing capital and industrial expertise in the carbon fiber business.

"AMTII is pleased to enter into this partnership. Adherent Technologies Inc. has developed technologies that address important market needs that serve the major industries that utilize advanced composites and will provide unparalleled opportunities for profitable business growth. We fully support ATI's business plan and look forward to opening the first fullscale production plant in 2014," says Paul W. Pendorf, president of AMT II.

Dr. Ronald E. Allred, founder and CEO of Adherent Technologies, comments, "We are pleased to have AMT II as a major partner. Their deep expertise in all aspects of the carbon fiber business with emphasis on sales, marketing and strategic direction will greatly assist our overall business development."

AMT II is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Florida, with offices in New York City, and Washington D.C. The company was founded after its predecessor American Materials & Technologies Corp., was sold to Cytec Industries in 1998. AMT II invests along with selected equity partners in companies within the aerospace, advanced carbon fiber composites (with emphasis on aerospace and defense applications), pharmaceuticals and specialized chemical industries.

Adherent Technologies was formed in 1990 to research and develop expertise in surface science, composites, coatings, sensors and polymer science. ATI's expertise developed current state-of-the-art specialty polymers and processes for use in the high-performance composites, adhesives, coatings, foams and recycling process markets. The company also has developed a variety of sensors, instruments and air pollution control devices. In the 23 year since its founding, ATI personnel have completed over 400 contract research and development programs for government and industrial clients, making it a leader in developing new technologies, such as recycling processes for composites, electronics and plastics as well  as, radiation curing, composite matrix resins, coatings and adhesives, fiber optic sensor systems and specialty finishes for improving composite interfacial adhesion.

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