Axalta Targets ACE Markets

The company offers a range of coating products suitable for the agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment sector.

Related Suppliers

Liquid and powder coating supplier Axalta Coating Systems (Philadelphia, Penn.) has expanded its product portfolio to include manufacturers of agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment (ACE). The company has a history of developing and supplying a range of coating systems for ACE customers including electrocoat, spray and powder coatings. These include AquaEC epoxy-based e-coat primers, Tufcote liquid coatings and Alesta powder coatings.

“We are excited to offer a complete line of products to meet the global needs of our customer base,” says Michael Bollan, global business director for ACE manufacturers. “Our ability to serve as a single supplier of all three key coating technologies enables us to meet the full range of customer needs with products formulated to meet the highest specification levels of the major manufacturers.”