Calico's New Website Features Advanced Coating Search

The search function allows for browsing by coating type or by more particular specifications.

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After three years of planning and development, Calico launched its new website,, enabling engineers and manufacturers of high-performance components to choose among a range of specifications to accurately find coating solutions. Modeled after major retail sites such as Target and others, this functionality uses refined filtering methods to search using as few or as many specifications for which the user may need to account in choosing a coating.

"We wanted to make it easy for our customers and prospects to find exactly what they needed on our website," said Calico President Tracy Trotter. "They spend a good amount of time researching technologies online, so we wanted to give them access to all of this information 24/7."

The search function allows for browsing by coating type (e.g., anti-scuffing or PECVD) or by more particular specifications, such as "industry," "application" and "substrate," among others. The data engine also identifies searchable areas of coating strengths (e.g., abrasion resistance, reduced friction or non-wetting). After a search, clicking on a product provides the user with a Tech Sheet displaying accurate coating information.

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