Canadian Coating Firms To Meet On Aerosol Regs On March 7

Meeting with Environment Canada will address VOC reactivity limits in aerosol coatings, and to discuss the agency’s proposed action plan for aerosol coatings.

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Environment Canada will be addressing volatile organic compound (VOC) reactivity limits in aerosol coatings, and has scheduled a stakeholder meeting March 7, in Toronto, Canada to discuss the agency’s proposed action plan for aerosol coatings.

The American Coatings Association and several of its Spray Paint Manufacturer Committee members met with Environment Canada in December 2011 to provide the agency with an update on the California Air Resources Board (ARB) reactivity regulation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reactivity regulation.  At that time Environment Canada indicated that it was seriously examining both of these models.

The purpose of the March 7 stakeholder meeting is to present background information and discuss elements of the proposed regulation which will set mandatory VOC reactivity limits for aerosol coatings.

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