Columbia Chemical Appoints Customer Service Representative and Lab Chemist

Jirgens will handle all aspects of fulfilling orders for U.S. customers and Adkins will provide customers with detailed analytical reports.

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Meaghan Jirgens (left) and Drew Adkins (right) of Columbia Chemical


Columbia Chemical (Brunswick, Ohio) has expanded its customer service department with the addition of Meaghan Jirgens as a customer service representative. With seven years of team-oriented experience in customer relations, Jirgens’ responsibilities will involve handling all aspects of fulfilling orders for the company’s U.S. customers.

The company also appointed Drew Adkins as lab chemist. Adkins is responsible for sample analyses of metal plating baths, product quality control and neutral salt-spray testing, as well as providing customers with detailed analytical reports with feedback for plating solution improvement. Adkins will also serve as the Kentucky area lab service technician for special projects. 


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