Composites guru Lownsdale to be featured at Carbon Fiber 2013

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Posted on: 10/21/2013

Plasan Carbon Composites' Gary Lownsdale will emphasize high-volume carbon fiber composites molding technologies at Carbon Fiber 2013, Dec. 9-12 at the Crowne Plaza Knoxville in Knoxville, Tenn., USA.

Long-time composites manufacturing specialist Gary Lownsdale will be featured at the upcoming Carbon Fiber 2013 conference, offered by CompositesWorld, publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines, as well as the CompositesWorld Weekly newsletter. Carbon Fiber 2013 will be held Dec. 9-12 at the Crowne Plaza Knoxville in Knoxville, Tenn., USA.

Sponsored by C.A. Litzler, Harper International, Knoxville Oak Ridge Innovation Valley, A&P Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Toho Tenax America Inc., Oak Ridge Carbon Fiber Composites Consortium and Izumi International Inc., the conference includes a preconference seminar and a free tour of the Oak Ridge Carbon Fiber Technology Facility. 

Lownsdale, now with automotive composites specialist Plasan Carbon Composites, will on the second day of the conference, emphasizing Plasan's high-volume manufacturing capabilities for automotive and other markets. 

A full list of confirmed speakers and topics follow. Visit Carbon Fiber 2013 for complete registration, lodging, agenda and other information.

Preconference Seminar

Chris Red, Composites Forecasts and Consulting LLC: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges for Carbon Fiber in Passenger Automobiles – Is the CFRP Industry Ready for Mass Production?

Conference, Day 1

  • Keynote Presentation: Tia Benson Tolle, Boeing Commercial Airplanes: Carbon Fiber Technology for Aerospace - Today and Tomorrow
  • Bruno Dambrine, SNECMA: Carbon Fiber Composite Production for the LEAP Fan Module
  • Robert Judd, Ohio University: Insight into the Cost Structure of Composite Manufacturing Using Cost Modeling
  • Brett Chouinard, Altair: Analysis and Optimization of Composite Structures – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Steven Carmichael, Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber & Composites: Deconstructing the Carbon Fiber Marketplace
  • Jason Carling, Toho Tenax America: The Accelerated Use of Carbon Fiber Composites in Growing Markets
  • Gary D. Roberts, NASA Glenn Research Center: A Hybrid Composite/Metal Gear Concept for Rotorcraft Drive Systems 
  • Stephen B. Johnson, GE Wind: Opportunities and Challenges for Carbon Fiber in the Wind Energy Industry
  • Aaron Barr, MAKE Consulting: Carbon Fiber Usage in the Wind Energy Industry
  • Gordon Lacy, NRC Canada: Design and Fabrication of the DVA-1 Radio Antenna
  • John M. Carson, AltusGroup Inc.: Lighter, Stronger, Greener: How Carbon Fiber is Modernizing Precast Concrete!
  • Globe Machine Manufacturing Co.: Speaker and title to be confirmed
  • John Larkin, LTI Associates: Export Controls and the Carbon Fiber Industry

Conference, Day 2

  • Keynote Presentation: Patrick Blanchard, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering: Future Opportunities for Advanced Automotive Composites and Challenges to Implementation
  • Gary Lownsdale, Plasan Carbon Composites: Next Generation Carbon Fiber Composites:  Beyond Medium Volume
  • Hendrik Mainka, Volkswagen Group of America Inc.: Alternative Precursors for Sustainable and Cost-effective Automotive Carbon Fibers
  • Probir Guha and Mike Siwajek, Continental Structural Plastics: Automotive Light Weighting Opportunities & Challenges
  • Mark Campbell, Hyperco Div., MW Industries: Development of Hyperco Carbon-composite “Bellows Spring” (CCBS) System for Automotive Suspensions
  • Chris McHugh, Sigmatex (UK) Ltd.: Application and Processing of Complex Fabrics for Lightweight Structures
  • Tobias Potyra, Fraunhofer Project Center @ Western University: Title to be confirmed
  • Dave Kehrl, A&P Technology: Out of the Box Composites with Braided Reinforcements
  • Mathieu Boulanger, RocTool: High Speed Compression Molding by Induction
  • Anthony Vicari, Lux Research: Planning for Ripe Fruit: Materials Innovation Lifecycles as a Scouting Tool
  • Lance Criscuolo, Zyvex Technologies: Carbon Fiber Nanocomposites  
  • Chad Duty, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 3D Printing with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
  • Tracy Albers, GrafTech International: New Carbon Fiber Materials Based on Sustainable Resources for Energy Applications      
  • Quantum Technologies: Carbon Fiber Powering America’s Big Rigs (to be confirmed)
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