CompositeTechs consultancy launched to provide design, manufacturing help

Composites veteran Mike Favaloro leads a group of composites professionals who provide design, analysis, process prototyping expertise.

Composites industry veteran Mike Favaloro reports that he and other composites professionals have launched a new team-based consultantcy called CompositeTechs LLC, designed to help with design and analysis, prototyping, product and process development, production scale-up, business analysis, due diligence and expert witness services.

CompositeTechs' principals include Favaloro, Tonya Groomes, Dana Granville, Carol Gaffney and Mark Flanders:

  • Favaloro has 35 years experience in the areas of composites and polymers product and process development, business development and sales. He has recently been focusing on development of thermoplastic composite applications and sales for both aerospace and industrial applications.
  • Tonya Groomes, a chemical engineer formerly with Ticona, has significant experience in polymer chemistry, processing and characterization. She brings her experience in business development, processing and test methods, and high-performance thermoplastics and specialty fibers to the team.
  • Dana Granville has 37 years experience as a materials engineer with the Army Research Labs. He has significant experience in preform, polymer and composite processing methods, as well as experience in DoD programs and personnel.
  • Carol Gaffney is the company’s information specialist with 8 years experience at Ebsco Information Services.
  • Mark Flanders has more than 30 years experience in systems and product engineering, and will support relevant tasks for the company.

Recent projects worked by CompositeTechs include:

  • Design and development of composite tubular structures for an oil and gas application
  • Business development and sales support for an aerospace thermoplastic composites parts manufacturer
  • Development, fabrication and scaleup of a low-cost ceramic composite for industrial applications
  • Development of a low-cost composite for high-volume industrial applications
  • Business and competitive analysis of a focused composites industry sub-segment
  • Development and fabrication of a composite preform for an oil and gas application