Dürr Ecoclean Supplies its 100th EcoCFlex System to BMW Group Austrian Plant

Dürr Ecoclean announces that the BMW Group ordered its 100th EcoCFlex system for use at the South German automotive manufacturer's Steyr, Austria, plant.

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Dürr Ecoclean announces that the BMW Group ordered the 100th EcoCFlex cleaning system in its 100th year anniversary of operation. The anniversary specimen of the flexible cleaning and deburring robot cell forms part of a three-unit package and has received a special painting in honor of the anniversary. The machines have been serving in a volume production environment at BMW Group's Steyr, Austria, engine plant since May 2017.

Dürr Ecoclean is a global supplier of advanced cleaning technology, surface treatment and activation systems to automotive manufacturers and tiered suppliers as well as to a broad and diversified industrial market.

According to Dürr, the first EcoCFlex machine for cleaning and deburring engine components went into service at the BMW Group in 2005. Eleven years later, when the company was celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation, BMW ordered the 100th cleaning machine of this type as part of a major order.

Representing the third generation of Dürr Ecoclean's flexible robotized cells, this anniversary product was launched in production at the Steyr engine plant in early May 2017 along with two other EcoCFlex 3L systems. These cleaning machines are adapted to BMW's latest specifications for technical cleanliness, the company says, replacing the transfer systems previously employed on a production line for petrol engines.

Along with the special painting specified to suit the occasion, the BMW Group opted to order the new EcoCFlex 3L systems with handling technology comprising of the Scara manipulator developed by Dürr Ecoclean. This rugged robot was designed for use in cleaning machines and convinces, among other features, with its innovative control approach.

Instead of using the separate robot control unit commonly adopted, the EcoCFlex 3L relies on one single CNC controller to operate both the Scara manipulator and the cleaning machine. This aims to simplify and accelerate programming, service and maintenance of the overall installation. The EcoCFlex 3L sets new standards for cleaning quality and ease of operation as well as energy efficiency.

For more information, visit durr-ecoclean.com.


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