De Nora Group Launches New Website

A major emphasis of is its dynamic, mobile-compatible graphic element.

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Italy-based De Nora Group has launched a new, mobile-compatible website with a redesigned aesthetic and corporate image. The new image and website were designed with the intention of bringing together all the companies of the Group under a single identity while maintaining the distinctive characteristics of each region and each local entity., with its new images and English content (with content in seven other languages to be added), aims to represent an innovative and dynamic company based in part on its updated logo.

The new graphic element offers a more dynamic functionality to the site. Present throughout the new institutional materials, content bubbles represent the electrochemical processes and will change color depending on the end market and the user’s identified industry.

According to the group, its new tagline, Electrochemistry at your service, encompasses the group’s commitment to the one-on-one relationships built daily with customers and partners.