Deimco Breaks Ground On Manufacturing Expansion

The new addition will enable the company to complete a wider variety of coating processes within the facility by February 2015.

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Deimco Finishing Equipment held a ceremony for a new 10,800 square-foot addition to its current facility. The new addition will increase Deimco’s ability to simultaneously construct multiple projects.

Along with the expansion, an R&D lab has also been developed. In addition to research and process development work, the lab is used to conduct and host frequent customer trials. Now users will have the opportunity to run trials and affirm the equipment they purchase will meet requirements

“From window profiles, to bowling pins, to heavy implements, to silicone breast implants—if a coating can be sprayed or dispensed, we have the audacity to believe we can automate the process,” said Kirk Shirar, president of Deimco Finishing Equipment. “We recognize that customers need an engineered finishing system tailored to their specific requirements.”

Garling Construction of Belle Plaine, Iowa has been contracted to complete the new addition.  Completion is expected in February 2015.