Dörken MKS Systems Receives Coating Approval from Chrysler

The latest in the company’s product line receives various automotive manufacturers’ approvals.

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Dörken MKS Systems, the parent company of Dörken Corporation USA, has announced that its Delta-Protekt KL 105 with VH 301.1 has received approval from Chrysler. In a statement released by Chrysler, the coating meets or exceeds the requirements in corrosion performance, gauging and consistent torque vs. tension performance on threaded fasteners for approval to PS-11036.

The coating is comprised of a zinc flake basecoat plus topcoat that provides superior corrosion protection and consistent assembly torque in a thin, cost- effective system.

Dörken’s global coating solutions are approved for use by and meet the standards and specifications for corrosion protection, sealants, and lubricity performance of fasteners of vehicle manufacturers and Tier One suppliers worldwide yet are environmentally friendly.