Dörken Refocuses on Quality

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Posted on: 2/7/2011

Dörken Corp. (Grass Lake, MI) has a new organizational structure for the company’s international quality efforts.

Dörken Corp. (Grass Lake, MI) has a new organizational structure for the company’s international quality efforts. Under the leadership of Michael Stähler, the department’s task will be to monitor, control and optimize the entire procedure—from the coating process to delivery of the parts to the OEM.

The new department is taking on an interface function amongst the parts manufacturer, coater and end user. In addition, existing analysis methods and specifications are to be further developed in association with the German Fastener Association. 

In the future, all licensees of the Dörken MKS-System will be audited by the company once a year. In addition, there will also be another third-party audit conducted by ifo Institut fur Oberflachentechnik in Germany. This will involve coated production components tested for required characteristics.

According to Fred Schultz, vice president Dörken Corp. USA, "The new efforts that we are making on behalf of our licensed coaters and OEMs should provide us with a strategically sound quality position for years to come. We are placing a premium on quality of our product as well as our licensed coaters. Our intent is position ourselves as the central ‘quality contact’ for coaters, parts manufacturers and OEMs.” 

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