DuBois Chemicals Acquires Angler Industries

The acquisition will expand the capabilities of both companies in the Northeast U.S. and globally.

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DuBois Chemicals Inc. (Sharonville, Ohio) has acquired Angler Industries (Sterling, Connecticut). DuBois CEO Jeff Welsh, CEO says that the acquisition is a natural extension of the company’s strategy to provide complete cleaning, metalworking and surface treatment solutions for its diverse industrial customer base. The acquisition will increase the company’s market share in the Northeast U.S., while expanding access to Angler’s metalworking fluids and specialty cleaning products in a broad international market.

“We are personally delighted about the merger with Dubois Chemicals,” says Wes Schutler, former owner and partner of Angler Industries. “They provide an excellent growth opportunity for our employees well into the future. Their business philosophy, product lines and technical resources complement and expand our potential capabilities.”

Likewise, the addition expands DuBois’ manufacturing and laboratory capabilities, while offering the potential to further extend its surface treatment and cleaning solutions to the Angler sales team and customer base.

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