Enthone Publishes Hard Chrome Customer Case Study

A study detailing how a leading European metal finishing company expanded production capacity by 35 percent.

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Enthone Inc., headquartered in West Haven, Connecticut, has published a hard chrome customer case study regarding how a leading European metal finishing company increased production capacity while still meeting emission standards. The study details how the company in the Oil & Gas industry expanded production capacity by 35 percent, meeting OEM demands, increasing profitability and expanding opportunities to gain new business.

The study describes how the company employed the same high performance system with high-efficiency hard chrome and a foamless mist suppressant that complied with emission exposure limits as mandated by pending 2017 environmental regulations. As a result, the need to purchase costly capital equipment was eliminated. The company achieved other objectives as well, including a significantly reduced plating cycle, increased productivity, improved quality and decreased energy usage.

To read and download the complete study, email chromeforce@enthone.com.