Enthone Supplier Audit Optimizes OSP Performance

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Posted on: 12/27/2013

A comprehensive supplier audit will enable immediate confirmation of authentic PCBs.

Enthone (West Havene, Conn.) has introduced a comprehensive Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) audit to enable the immediate identification of PCBs coated with the company’s Entel Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSPs). The audit includes OSP verification, process line optimization and consultation on other PCB final finish options based on application requirements.

A specialized composition analysis of the OSP-coated PCB is employed to confirm that an authentic Entek OSP is being used as specified by the OEM. Upon confirmation, a detailed review of the PCB fabricator’s OSP process line, including chemistry, equipment and operating parameters is undertaken with the objective of ensuring PCB performance, yields and quality at the lowest cost of ownership.

To verify your OSP process and request an SQE Review, visit enthone.com/entek_plus_ht/verify_your_process.aspx.

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