Exact Metrology Holds Open Houses at Ohio, Wisconsin Locations

Exact Metrology held open houses at its facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Brookfield, Wisconsin, attended by hundreds of local area companies.

Exact Metrology held open houses at its facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Brookfield, Wisconsin, attended by hundreds of local area companies, comprising of quality assessment, design engineering and management personnel from many of the leading manufacturers in the region.

Hosted by company co-president Steve Young, the Cincinnati open house included ongoing product demonstrations of the various metrology equipment brands offered for sale, lease and rental by Exact, as well as the testing procedures provided as a service by this unique metrology supplier. 

Highlight of the event was the company’s new partner, EnvisionTEC, a builder of 3D printing equipment for myriad industries, for whom Exact was recently named Midwest dealer. Also on display were several equipment lines represented by Exact, including Romer arms, GE CT scanning, Leica 3D imaging scanners and a variety of point cloud software advancements for the quality world. 

Services on display at the Cincinnati open house included 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, instant scan-to-CAD comparison and a full suite of PolyWorks software solutions.   Equipment shown at the event included Aicon 3D systems, Breuckmann 3D scanners, Leica Geosystems, Romer and Hexagon brands of scanning devices and related hardware.

The EnvisionTEC line particular drew attention. Young commented, “This new partner was a natural extension of our service work. We do 3D scanning and were using a 3D printer, so we had that light bulb moment and decided to connect with a 3D printer builder to expand our equipment offerings.” Exact represents EnvisionTEC throughout the Midwest. EnvisionTEC is a Detroit-based builder of various 3D printers for the medical, dental, jewelry and various industrial sectors, offering machines to produce parts up to 18" cube. 

The Brookfield open house was hosted by Exact Metrology co-president, Dean Solberg, in conjunction with Exact partners EnvisionTEC, Hexagon Metrology, PolyWorks, 3DSystems and ETI.

A variety of scanning equipment was demonstrated throughout two rooms in the facility. One highlight of the open house was the new Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner, a 360-degree scanner that allows high resolution scans for a full-dome in less than three minutes. Other devices showcased included the Hexagon Metrology Romer Absolute Arm, several Artec3D scanners, the Surphaser 100HSX, several Leica long range scanners and the ProCon CT scanner. While demonstration pieces were available to scan, attendees could bring in their own parts to show live 3D scanning on the screen.

Exact serves both industrial and commercial concerns, ranging from heavy equipment, automotive and appliance companies to nuclear test facilities and even museums, who routinely use metrology to examine artwork such as paintings and sculpture.

For more information, visit exactmetrology.com.