Foredom Electric Co. Publishes Catalog of Rotary Power Tool Accessories

These accessories work on metal, wood, glass, stone, silicone, acrylic, resins, plastics and composites.

Foredom Electric Co. (Bethel, Connecticut) has published the 2015 edition of its Foredom Rotary Accessories Catalog, featuring a selection of burs, cutters, points, buffs, drills, bands, discs, bobs, wheels and brushes used for deburring, drilling, grinding, sanding, smoothing, contouring, honing, filing, routing, carving, polishing and finishing.

These accessories work on metal, wood, glass, stone, silicone, acrylic, resins, plastics and composites and are available in different sizes, shapes and grits with 3/32"-, ⅛"- and ¼"-size shanks for use in all rotary power tools including flexible shaft machines, air and electric grinders, compact bench lathes and micromotors.

The 36-page catalog features mainly U.S.-made products and several lines exclusive to Foredom, including: V Stones and CeramCut Blue Stones, two cool running and long lasting quality abrasives. Typhoon Burs have structurally aligned tungsten carbide points that do not load and are designed for roughing out wood and other aggressive material removal.

The catalog features a line of precision-plated Diamond Points made in Belgium. They have 2.35mm (3.32") shanks and are used for fine detailing and texturing on hardened steel, glass, precious metals, ceramics and more. Eight new ball-shape miniature carbide burs have been added to this important and growing product category. These tiny burs range in head size from 0.2mm to 2.35mm and are used in applications that require extremely precise work and hard-to-reach areas. Three sizes of double-ended cobalt steel pilot drills are also available for making starter holes to prevent drill bits from wandering in most metals, as well as four DuraGrit carbide cutting, carving and sanding accessories with ⅛" shanks.

Five pages of the catalog are devoted to a broad selection of 2" diameter abrasive wheels, discs and mounting tools that partner with the company’s popular 2" angle grinder attachment. Foredom rotary tools are used by leading scientific research, engineering, defense, military, aviation and other businesses and institutions.