General Motors Approves Zinc-Nickel System for Cast Iron Brake Calipers

GM granted the approval to meet the growing application of zinc nickel on calipers.

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Enthone is proud to announce another approval of a Perma Shield 1000 zinc-nickel system by General Motors to meet the newly revised GMW4700 Zinc Nickel Type B requirement. The approval was granted by GM to meet the growing application of zinc nickel on calipers, and includes the following processes: Zincrolyte KLC-NI ammonia-free, acid zinc-nickel; Perma Pass Ultra IV Plus low temperature, transparent passivate; and Enseal 125 inorganic sealant.

The approved system incorporates Enseal 125, a completely inorganic sealant technology specially engineered for brake calipers and other cast iron components. The sealant is compatible with both Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluids, and is optimized to seal zinc and zinc alloy coatings.