Gleason, SMT Partnership Releases Software

The companies are collaborating with the goal of integrating software products for bevel and hypoid gear manufacturing.

Gleason (Rochester, N.Y.) has entered a partnership with Smart Manufacturing Technology (SMT) of Nottingham, U.K., with the goal of enabling SMT’s full-system transmission design and analysis software (MASTA) and Gleason’s software for bevel and hypoid gear design and manufacture (CAGE) to work as one product. The combined product will facilitate the complete design, analysis and manufacturing of bevel and hypoid gears.

The recently released first phase of the project has resulted in new versions of MASTA and CAGE, and a link between the two packages. This development enables an integrated workflow that takes into consideration the design geometry of bevel and hypoid gear-tooth flanks via the machine settings. Full-system durability and NVH analysis can be performed at any stage to help solve bevel and hypoid noise problems, and gear-flank geometry can be optimized with system-level loaded-tooth contact analysis. According to the companies, the improved virtual analysis and testing capabilities help avoid costs associated with repeated manufacturing and testing of prototype gears.