GOP Looks to Force Reforms on EPA's Science Advisory Board

Republicans say reform of the Board is needed because majority of advisory panels have received research grants, and the Board's scientific advisory panels often exclude the private sector.

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The Hill newspapers reports that House Republicans have introduced a bill that would require the Environmental Protection Agency to reform its Science Advisory Board, the body that acts as a scientific adviser to the EPA as the itwrites regulations.
The newspaper reports that Republicans said reform of the Board is needed because of complaints that a majority of people serving on its advisory panels have received environmental research grants in the last decade from the EPA. The GOP also argues that the Board's scientific advisory panels often exclude the private sector, and that more public participation and input into panel decisions is needed.


"The need for high-quality, independent scientific advice from the Science Advisory Board has never been more important, as President Obama's EPA pursues sweeping new regulations based on controversial scientific assertions and conclusions," said House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Ralph Hall (R-Texas), the lead sponsor of the bill. "This bill contains basic, common-sense reforms to deal with legitimate concerns about balance, impartiality, independence, and public participation."

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