Industrial Solvent Cleaning Rules Move Forward

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Posted on: 2/23/2012

Cleaning solvents would need to meet a VOC limit of 50 g/l; current cleaning solvents would need to be disposed of and exempt solvents be used their place.

The American Coatings Association says many states have established, or are in the process of adopting, industrial solvent cleaning regulations that could impact coatings, ink, adhesive, and resin manufacturing operations. In particular, these rules could impact the type of solvents that are used to clean process equipment, tanks, lines, etc.

Cleaning solvents would need to meet a volatile organic compound (VOC) limit of 50 g/l, which means that current cleaning solvents would need to be disposed of and exempt solvents (acetone for example) be used their place. 

These rules regulate the solvents that used to clean process equipment for manufacturing operations. In general, these rules apply in ozone nonattainment areas to facilities that have at least 15 lb./day of solvent cleaning VOC emissions (uncontrolled). Several states have either adopted or are very close to adopting rules, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Texas, Missouri, and North Carolina.

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