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Atotech Gains Volkswagen TL 180 Approval
The new Volkswagen TL 180 specification requires a Cr(VI)-free black zinc flake coating with high corrosion protection for automotive parts.  This coating is typically used on small, bulk processed threaded fasteners.  Since the zinc flake technology presents no risks of hydrogen embrittlement, the coating is also suited for high tensile fasteners.
Automotive industry's expectations and requirements are particularly high when it comes to finishes appearance.  As regards black finishes, uniformity and long-term stability of the color are among the main issues of concern.  In addition to that, the TL 180 specification also requires excellent corrosion resistance, constant friction values and very good heat loosening properties.
With its zinc flake system Zintek® Black, Atotech has met such challenging demands and gained the TL 180 approval.  Combining Atotech's unique black base coat Zintek® 300 B with specialized Techseal® Black top coats, the Zintek® Black system provides an exceptionally uniform deep black appearance with no silver shine through even after handling.  Furthermore, this groundbreaking system meets Volkswagen's friction values window and boasts excellent heat loosening properties.
The Zintek® Black system also successfully passed TL 180 corrosion protection requirements: 720 hr without red rust and 240 hr not exceeding the S1 classification according to DIN 34804.  At present, Atotech offers the only approved coating system to fulfill the requirements of Volkswagen's TL 180 specification for black finishes.
Technic releases higher efficiency reduced silver process
Technic (Cranston, RI) is pleased to announce the release of TechniSol® Ag 2460, a cyanide-free silver plating solution formulated specifically for use with RSP (Reduced Silver Paste) Technology on silicon solar cells. RSP Technology applies a fine line screen printed seed layer that is then electroplated with a smooth silver layer, resulting in increased efficiencies at a significantly reduced cost. The bath operates at 20 g/L silver, a concentration similar to most other baths in the industry, but because of key advances in its formulation TechniSol® Ag 2460 produces very fine grain deposits with no lateral growth. This improved electrolyte formulation also allows manufacturers to plate up to 30% faster and still maintain optimum deposit integrity.
In addition to the advantages in RSP Technology, TechniSol® Ag 2460 may be used to plate on nickel or copper grid lines, creating a superior solderable layer. TechniSol® Ag 2460 is also formulated for compatibility with LIP (Light Induced Plating) as well as standard electroplating applications.
RSP Technology can reduce front side metallization costs up to 50% while also improving cell efficiency. TechniSol® Ag 2460 maximizes these efficiency gains and improves cell through-put, which establishes it as a leading silver plating solution in the solar industry.
KECO Coatings opens second industrial facility in Indianapolis to launch the Kephos process
Economic impact of new industrial coating facility will generate jobs and support Indy’s racing community
Executives from KECO Coatings has announced that they have acquired a second facility for the company’s high-performance coating operation at 1102 W. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN. KECO plans to invest $1 million in the facility and hire 50 employees by 2013. The new jobs will include engineering, management, customer service and manufacturing positions. The 40,000 square foot facility on the city’s west side is adjacent to the downtown Certified Technology Park. KECO currently employs 25 people at its downtown Indianapolis facility at its Statesville, N. C. location.
“KECO’s success in Indianapolis is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and pro-growth business climate that exists within our city,” said Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. “Their expansion on the near west side further confirms the attractiveness of the West 16th Street Corridor for companies in the manufacturing, technology and life sciences industries. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with KECO as their business continues to expand worldwide.”
Mike Klinge, president of KECO Coatings, acknowledged the expansion allows the company to capitalize on the opportunities available in the domestic and international markets it serves, as well as enhance its high-volume coating capabilities. KECO will offer its signature Kephos process at the new facility, which was developed for performance racing applications as a replacement for black oxide and anodizing. Kephos attributes include superior abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, achieving up to 192 hours salt spray resistance per ASTM B-117 when applied at a one-half micron coating thickness.
Klinge stated, “During our search for a second location, we explored facilities in North Carolina, as well as Indianapolis, but expanding in Indianapolis outweighed other cities for many reasons. We like the excitement and energy connected to the Certified Technology Park and the positive feedback we have received from the west side neighboring companies. The potential to grow our company near the most prominent racing address in the world - West 16th Street, is certainly very attractive.”
KECO Engineered Coating, Inc. was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Indianapolis. KECO Coatings is a nationally recognized leader in coating applications and technology, specializing in custom services such as research and development prototype and distinct production categories. KECO is one of 22 DuPont Teflon® licensed industrial applicators (LIAs) in the U.S. Industries KECO serves include aerospace, lighting, packaging, food, glass, automation, transportation, filtration, pharmaceutical and performance racing. The range of technologies KECO offers include a full line of signature products, with applications of non‐stick liquids and powders, conductive non-stick, dry film lube, ceramic, corrosion resistant, plasma, thermal barrier and Kephos.
Teflon® powder coatings applied to pumps, mixers and tanks
A full range of electrostatically Teflon® powder coatings applied to flow components requiring specific properties such as corrosion-resistance are available from Applied Plastics Co., Inc. (Norwood, MA). Applied Plastics’ Teflon® coatings are ideally suited for application onto pumps, mixers, tanks, valves and related components requiring chemical- and corrosion-resistance. All surfaces are properly prepared and the firm can electrostatically powder coat from 0.0002” to 0.025” thick on parts weighing up to 2,000 lb., depending upon the coating and substrate.
Tailored to customer requirements, Applied Plastics’ Teflon® Coatings include standard formulations such as Teflon® PTFE, FEP, PFA, Tefzel® ETFE, Teflon® S, Halar®, ECTFE, Kynar®, and Xylan®. Custom formulations are also available to meet specific applications. For more information, contact David Ring, VP Marketing: Phone: (781) 762-1881; Fax: (781) 769-3349; E-mail:; Website:

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The Systems View in Automotive Finishes: Essential, but Overlooked - The 38th William Blum Lecture

This article is a re-publication of the 38th William Blum Lecture, presented at the 84th AES Annual Convention in Detroit, Michigan on June 23, 1997.  This lecture reviews a number of works in automotive finishing R&D in which understanding of the overall system was absolutely essential to success, from classical nickel-chromium plating to work in vacuum/electroplated hybrids for plated plastics, electrogalvanized zinc and hard chromium in stamping dies.