Industry News: The Fisher-Barton Group announces acquisition of thermal spray powder company

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The Fisher-Barton Group (Waukesha, WI) has announced the addition of a sixth company to their family of manufacturing companies.

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The Fisher-Barton Group (Waukesha, WI) has announced the addition of a sixth company to their family of manufacturing companies. Lineage Alloys, a leading thermal spray powder manufacturer located near Houston , TX , was purchased by The Fisher-Barton Group on Dec. 14, 2010. The transaction marries two successful coating manufacturers, adding more depth to Fisher-Barton’s engineered wear resistance solutions currently produced at their Sun Prairie, WI facility, Thermal Spray Technologies and Fisher-Barton Specialty Products in Watertown, WI.

“This new partnership is very exciting for us,” states Bill Lenling, president of Thermal Spray Technologies, Inc. “With more than thirty-five years of coating expertise, and a solid reputation of manufacturing high quality thermal spray powders, Lineage Alloys complements our existing capabilities nicely. The acquisition will help to further advance the performance and durability of all surface engineered coatings currently produced for our customers.”

Lineage Alloys’ commitment to research and development combined with a diverse contact network throughout the industry will prove beneficial and allow for even greater advances in the materials and coating technologies offered by Lineage Alloys and Thermal Spray Technologies.

Founded in 1973, the Fisher-Barton family now has six members; Waukesha-based Accurate Specialties, Inc., Fisher-Barton Blades, Inc. and Fisher-Barton Specialty Products, Inc. located in Watertown, WI, Fisher-Barton South Carolina, Inc. located near Greenville, SC, Thermal Spray Technologies, Inc. in Sun Prairie, WI and the newest addition, Lineage Alloys, located near Houston, TX. Together, the Fisher-Barton family of companies will continue to use their materials expertise and world leading process innovations to manufacture high value components from start to finish for a variety of markets including agricultural equipment, outdoor power equipment, medical device, power transmission and solar power. For more information, visit

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