MicroCare Highlights Innovative Chemistries, End-user Case Studies at PMTS 2015

MicroCare will present its latest vapor degreasing fluids along with a timely presentation on practical application at the 2015 Precision Machining Technology Show.

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MicroCare Corp. (New Britain, Connecticut) will showcase updates to its family of precision cleaning, coating and lubricating products at the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) April 21-23, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. Microcare Product Manager David Ferguson is also scheduled to give a presentation the first day of the show discussing how regulations and competition are changing production cleaning practices.

The company will be focused on the variety of new vapor degreasing fluids just coming to market as well as on the benchtop cleaners, wipes and other tools available. Compared to older technologies, these new products offer important economic and environmental benefits for visitors to the show, especially as operators migrate from the ozone-depleting HCFC-225 or n-propyl bromide. Tom Tattersall, Chief Operating Officer, cites the company’s extensive vapor degreasing experience as an added benefit to customers in this regard.

Highest on the list will be the DuPont Vertrel Sion degreasing fluid, which is compatible with almost all vapor degreaser cleaning systems. According to the company, it is a good replacement for both HCFC-225, which is being phased out, and n-propyl bromide, which causes toxicity concerns. Already available in Europe and Asia and expected soon in the U.S., it will set a new benchmark for cost effectiveness and environmental sensitivity, MicroCare says.

The need for solutions that conform to evolving regulations and safety concerns is part of the reason why Ferguson will present a technical paper on the first day of PMTS 2015, titled “Adapting to Change: The Effects of Regulations and Competition on Production Cleaning Processes.” In addition to highlighting challenges and solutions, he will also present research on cleaning alternatives conducted by NASA and the U.S. Army regarding conversion from trichloroethylene and n-propyl bromide. Both organizations concluded that DuPont Vertrel SDG fluid was the most successful cleaning replacement.

“The technologies and economics of cleaning are changing,” Ferguson says, “and we’ll be addressing those changes at the expo. You can’t run away from them; you have to meet them head-on.” He adds that, “in today’s world, with rising energy costs and ever more demanding performance requirements, solvent cleaning is a better, faster, simpler and greener option. That’s a huge sea change for our industry to digest.” This presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21 at 2:00 p.m. in the Parts Cleaning Pavilion on the main floor of the show.

To prove Ferguson’s point, MicroCare will have operational vapor degreasers at the show demonstrating some of the new chemistries. Attendees who bring parts to be cleaned will be able to see the systems in operation right on the show floor. The full range of MicroCare products will be exhibited in booth #1400.