NASF 1000, Surface Technology Initiatives Launched

NASF is committed to achieving a goal of 100 NASF 1000 participants by SUR/FIN 2013

The NASF recently launched the NASF 1000 campaign to provide long term support for the finishing industry's public policy advocacy activities.  As part of the association's "Surface Technology Initiative," the NASF 1000 aims to keep the industry both environmentally and economically sustainable in its vital role in the manufacturing base, says Jeff Hannapel of The Policy Group.  

"Most companies recognize that NASF advocacy efforts in recent years have saved this heavily regulated industry more than two billion dollars - that's a billion with a "b"- in avoided regulatory costs," Hannapel says. "Success has come from assembling key technical, economic and legal resources to promote factual analysis, strong scientific data and credible support for the industry's positions on new rules and compliance issues."
The association's immediate goal is to exceed 100 leaders in the surface finishing industry committing $1,000 per year for five years and raise $500,000 to rebuild the industry's Government Affairs Fund. Funds can be directed to activities to protect the industry from unnecessary regulatory burdens, inform lawmakers and regulators on the challenges facing the surface finishing industry, and to promote superior environmental, health and safety performance of NASF members.

A number of companies made commitments to the NASF 1000 at this month's NASF Management Conference, and there are nearly 80 NASF 1000 participants. Three NASF members have demonstrated significant leadership and support of the industry by pledging $25,000 over five years:
  • Gatto Industrial Platers (Chicago, IL),
  • Lincoln Industries (Lincoln, NE), and
  • SWD Inc. (Addison, IL)

NASF is committed to achieving a goal of 100 NASF 1000 participants by SUR/FIN 2013 in Rosemont, Illinois, Hannapel says.

A pledge form and more information about the program are available on the NASF website. Please contact Jeff Hannapel for additional information at