NASF Collaborates with National Association of Manufacturers

NASF joined NAM to expand the industry’s voice on issues that affect manufacturing

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The NASF -- which recently joined the North American Metals Council (NAMC) to help shape U.S. and global policies facing metals and chemicals -- is also partnering with the National Association of Manufacturers.

NASF national board member Jim Jones recently hosted National Association of Manufacturers President Jay Timmons for a tour and event at DIFCO, his Atlanta-based company. Jim and other national industry leaders have been committed to step up efforts to reach out to finishing customer sectors to ensure the value of surface coatings is recognized.

One way to do that is “sharing more about what we do and what our mutual concerns are for the future of U.S. manufacturing and the future of finishing,” Jim notes.

NASF has worked informally with NAM on a number of issues in recent years. This past month, NASF joined NAM to expand the industry’s voice on national issues that affect manufacturing as a whole. The NASF Board of Directors in April hosted NAM Associations Council head Paul Hartgen to discuss ways to maximize the relationship and work more closely together.