NASF Collaborates with Nickel Institute, American Chemistry Council on EPA Nickel Risks

EPA moving forward on reassessing risks from nickel commonly used in plating and related finishing processes

NASF is coordinating closely with the nickel and chemicals industries to launch a new nickel science and advocacy effort in North America.

The U.S. EPA is moving forward on reassessing risks from nickel, especially nickel soluble compounds most commonly used in plating and related finishing processes. A new Nickel Stakeholders Group has been formed to include all user associations of nickel as well as other organizations—like public water utilities—who may be forced to spend millions in unneeded costs to over-regulate drinking water and wastewater at the municipal level.

The group, which includes a wide range of global companies and trade associations, is expanding, and met in April to discuss EPA actions after the NASF Washington Forum. NASF President Tony Revier and NASF Board Member and Technology Advisory Committee Chairman Dr. Keith Legg joined American Chemistry Council and Nickel Institute representatives to brief senior congressional staff on the need for tighter review of EPA’s decisions pertaining to nickel.

The NASF has produced a flyer on the vital role of nickel coatings in the automotive and aerospace industries. For a copy, or for to provide feedback or technical recommendations on the flyer, please contact Christian Richter at