New England Surface Finishing Regional

Join the New England Chapter of the National Association of Metal Finishers on November 8 at 8 a.m. for a full day of technical presentations, a table top trade show, networking and fun.

Surface Finishers are invited to join the New England Chapter of the National Association of Metal Finishers on November 8 at 8 a.m. for a full day of technical presentations, a table top trade show, networking and fun as they bring together the largest group of Surface Finishing professionals in New England.

This year's event will be held in Plymouth, MA at the Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor. Attendee's can register for $135 PP and that includes breakfast, lunch and a light dinner and entertainment after the program.

The presentations this year range from regulatory updates to technical training to health and safety updates. There is something for every industry professional at this event.

In addition, historically they have given out Massachusetts Waste Water Treatment Contact Hours as well as Toxic Use Reduction Planner credits. These certificates will be given out at the conference for those requiring continuing education hours.

Their program will conclude with heavy hors d'oeuvres and a cocktail reception in the hotel. Entertainment will be provided as well as a chance to network and review the days events.

Visit for registration forms and a program schedule detailing the speakers.

For more information, please contact Marc Pelissier at (413) 788-7375 or John Gilbert at (860) 836-8813 or Chris Capalbo at (508) 754-2671 or Marko Duffy at (508) 904-8899



8:00am-9:00am: Registration and Breakfast

9:00am-9:10am: Opening Introductions

9:10am-9:30am: Jeff Hannapel – Vice President of regulatory affairs for the Policy Group who represent the National Association of Metal Finishers (NASF). Mr. Hannapel will provide an overview of what’s happening within the organization and the many quality services available to members that can assist in enhancing their business.

9:30am - 10:05am: Kevin Snyder – Aim Mutual Workman’s comp insurance rates: Much like auto insurance, if you’re a lousy driver your going to have higher premiums with surcharges lasting up to 3 years. How much your annual premiums are is performance based. Mr. Snyder will explain how the system works and how you essentially control your own destiny.

10:20am - 10: 55am: Robert Farrell – Hubbard Hall Proper surface preparation of any metal substrate is critical to any type of metal finishing. Mr. Farrell will dis cuss the many types of chemistries that are conducive to specific cleaning and surface activation requirements.

11:05am - 11:40am: Jeff Bibeau – Tighe & Bond Consulting Engineers Mr. Bibeau will provide an overview of environmental and OSHA compliance program requirements that are applicable to metal finishing. The presentation will include an overview of key requirements and will conclude with a compliance calendar summary highlighting key regulatory deadlines.

11:55am - 12:30pm: Francis DiGiovanni – MacDermid , Inc . Stripping metallic coatings with a guarantee of not etching. Is it possible? Probably not. However , as Mr. DiGiovanni will explain, if one employs and maintains the proper chemistry and incorporates common sense contingencies the probability of etching drastically declines.

12:30pm - 1:15pm: Lunch


1:15pm - 1:50pm: Dale Varney - OSHA Back through popular demand. Dales presentations are always informative and upbeat. The message he brings regarding health and safety applies to us all. The method to which he p resents the information makes him interesting to listen to.

2:00pm - 2:35pm: David Simpson - Atotech The use of zinc /nickel is becoming increasingly more popular even in some aerospace/military applications. Contrary to popular belief however, it is not a simple drop in replacement for conventional cadmium plating. Mr. Simpson will explain the pros and cons of both acid chloride and alkaline systems.

2:50p m - 3:05pm: Heidi Wilcox – Toxic U se Reduction Institute (TURI) Jim Cain – Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) Both Jim and Heidi have been very supportive to metal finishers throughout the region including those outside Mass. Both have expressed an interest in going over the upcoming e vents and reviewing ways their organizations can assist you.

3:10pm - 3:40pm: Mark Jozefowicz – Reliant Aluminum Products Marks presentation is entitled testing of color anodized aluminum. Medical device application of color anodized aluminum may require that the finish withstand multiple sterilization treatments . STERRAD sterilization subjects color anodized articles to a highly oxidative environment that often results in color fade. The results of an investigation carried out on a variety of coloring and seal technologies will demonstrate best practices to achieve several decorative colors capable of withstanding 100 sterilization cycles.

3:50pm - 4:40pm: Jeff Hannapel – The Policy Group Public perception, political pressure and global trends all imp act the thought process regarding imposing more stringent regulations on metal finishers. Mr. Hannapel`s presentation will provide insight as to what the regulatory agencies are pursuing and the potential impact on our industry. He will also provide an overview of what the Policy Group is doing to combat these issues and how we can assist and participate in the process.

5:00pm - ? Hors d`oeuvres/reception style dinner and entertainment .