Omegasonics Expands Production Facility and Adds Staff

New products, growing demand spurs need for increased capacity.

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Omegasonics, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, has expanded its production facility in Simi Valley, California, by more than 30 percent to handle increased capacity.

The expansion is in response to Omegasonics’ steady business growth across all industry sectors and the release of several new products. According to Frank Pedeflous, president of Omegasonics, sales of its ultrasonic cleaning systems grew by 27 percent in 2014, prompting an addition of 30 percent more production staff and the need for additional capacity.

“Demand from our industrial clients remains very strong, especially with the release of our new 3D printing cleaning equipment experiencing significant growth. At the same time, we had an uptick in orders from our customers in medical, machining, food and drug, aerospace and utilities segments,” says Pedeflous. “And although 2014 saw an overall increase in sales and the addition of some large clients, our repeat business alone accounted for 47 percent, which is almost double the previous year.”

Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning systems feature an energy efficient electrical design and immersible transducers, which are designed to minimize the power dampening effects of sludge buildup. The expanded facility will include increased production and transducer capacities, additional bonding capabilities and new wiring and climate-controlled rooms.

“As more companies in more industries recognize the time and cost benefits of ultrasonic cleaning technology and the rapid return-on-investment it affords, I am confident that in 2015, Omegasonics will experience continued growth in sales, number of employees, and new product development,” says Pedeflous.

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