Parts2Clean 2015 Focuses on Balancing Standards, Costs

The trade fair will present products and services designed to meet high part cleanliness standards while reducing costs.

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Deutsche Messe (Stuttgart, Germany) will host the Parts2Clean 2015 international trade fair in Stuttgart June 9-11. One of the trade fair’s focuses will be on balancing high cleanliness standards with cost efficiency.

“Whether we’re talking about the automotive industry and related suppliers, medical equipment, aeronautics, precision engineering, optics or electronics, today virtually every sector has strict requirements for component cleanliness, and this places significantly higher demands on cleaning,” says Olaf Daebler, in charge of the Parts2Clean show at Deutsche Messe.

Many cleaners play it safe with a “clean-as-possible” approach, which has an impact on cost and therefore on competitiveness. The remedy is to take a cleaning approach that meets all requirements while optimizing cleaning to reduce costs.

The trade show will present a range of products and services that address every aspect of industrial parts cleaning, from systems and media to bath maintenance, analytics for cleanliness control, corrosion prevention, protection, and packaging.

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