PPG Consumer Color Show Presents Portable Tool Kit

PPG highlights trends for designers and students in San Francisco.

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PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business presented Trendcast Styling Directions 2014, a portable color tool kit developed for designers of consumer products, to more than 125 professional designers and students from the San Francisco area during two color shows in May.

PPG hosted two events between May 12 and 15. One was held at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, and the other was held in Cupertino, Calif., home to many consumer electronics industry leaders and a key Silicon Valley design center.

Joe Kowalski, PPG’s global manager of color and surface design for consumer products, said the color shows “incorporated visual, sound, touch, taste and scent experiences to give attendees a full sensory experience.”

PPG sent each invitation wrapped around a chocolate bar with a flavor to fit the theme of the show. “Our goal was to make it an event rather than just a presentation of ideas,” he added.

Trendcast Styling Directions 2014 reflects future trends in colors, effects and tactile sensations for coated surfaces. It is based on a consensus of findings by 35 PPG global color experts from the Americas, Europe and Asia, and it is aimed at keeping designers of consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, furniture and fashion on the leading edge of consumer taste for the next two years.