PPG is Licensee for Kynar ADS II Resin

Arkema Inc. product is used in Duranar ADS coatings by PPG.

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PPG Industries’ (Pittsburgh) exterior coatings group is currently the only North American licensee for Kynar ADS II polyvinylidene fluoride resin by Arkema Inc. (Carrollton, Kentucky). This resin is a key ingredient in Duranar ADS (air-dry system) coatings by PPG, which is designed for touching up fluoropolymer-finished coatings on architectural metals damaged during production or field installation.

Recently developed by Arkema, Kynar ADS II resin equals the original Kynar 500 resin in terms of weatherability and resistance to ultraviolet light, salt spray, humidity, acid rain and other hazards, yet it enables PPG to formulate Duranar ADS coatings as a touch-up paint that can be applied by fingernail brush or aerosol spray.

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