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Posted on: 7/30/2014

The six-page booklet details the company's products, services and training.

Industrial coatings company PPG Industries (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) published a six-page brochure detailing its electrocoat products, services and training. The booklet begins with an overview of electrocoating technology, including the differences between cathodic and anodic electrocoat, before detailing the system's efficient, economical and adaptable qualities. Two illustrations show a typical electrocoat bath blend and a sample production line with a description of the coating process.

Other highlights include:

  • A chart identifying the best e-coat technologies for a variety of applications;
  • The "PPG Electrocoat Advantage," which relates PPG’s decades-long history with electrocoat technologies;
  • A comparison between electrocoating and liquid/powder coating technologies; and
  • A comprehensive, chart-based review of the company's e-coat lines, including Powercron, Electrocolor, Electrotough, Electropolyseal, Aerocron and Enviro-Prime.


The brochure also covers the company's training and support options such as the Secure Launch Excellence program for fast-track development of commercial coatings and the Knowledge College training program, which includes customer-focused education seminars held at the company's research and development facilities.

Contact information for regional headquarters in North America, South America, Europe and Asia are provided, along with a map showing the locations of the company's manufacturing facilities and design studios worldwide.

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