PPG Supplies Metal Coatings for Port of Miami Tunnel

Duranar coatings lend an aquamarine tint to the tunnel’s 4,000 metal panels.

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PPG Industries’ announced that it supplied Duranar XL and Duracron coatings to the recently opened Port of Miami Tunnel, which is made up of two 4,200-foot-long highway tunnels that travel under Biscayne Bay, connecting the MacArthur Causeway on Watson Island to the Port of Miami on Dodge Island.

Duranar XL coating is a three-part coating system consisting of a urethane primer coat, a decorative color coat and a protective fluoropolymer clearcoat. Duranar XL Crystal Blue coating covers the 4,000 metal panels lining both sets of tunnel walls.

The Port of Miami Tunnel is a $667 million project that incorporates three distinct components. In addition to the twin underwater tunnels, which opened to traffic August 3, 2014, the project includes improved connections to the Port of Miami roadway system as well as widening and realignment of the MacArthur Causeway Bridge to provide direct access between Miami’s seaport and the Interstate 95 and Interstate 395 highways.

Sixteen thousand vehicles are expected to travel through the tunnels each month.