Reinhausen Plasma GmbH Changes Name Following Management Buyout

The buyout underlines the confidence of the new management in the growing trans-sectoral market for atmospheric plasma applications.

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After a management buyout  (MBO) on July 1 2014, Stefan Nettesheim and Klaus Forster took over Reinhausen Plasma GmbH, which included all assets and patents. On October 1 2014, the company was renamed relyon plasma GmbH.

The core competencies of relyon plasma GmbH lie in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative atmospheric plasma technologies for industrial and hygienic applications. The components manufactured by the company cover both fully automated and manual applications.

“We have extensive industrial experience in medical technology, automotive, packaging, electronics, aerospace and various other industries as well as in research and laboratory fields,” Forster said. “This enables us to supply an adapted, demand-orientated spectrum of modular components for surface pretreatment, such as for activating and precision cleaning a wide range of materials, and also for the purposes of disinfection, tissue stimulation and odor neutralization in laboratory and medical areas.”

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