Society of Vacuum Coaters Appoints Zimone as Executive Director

Zimone has been active in the SVC as a director (2000-2002 and 2003-2006), co-chair of the SVC strategic planning committee (2008), vice president (2007-2009), president (2009-2011) and the awards committee (2016-2017).

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The Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) board of directors appointed Frank Zimone as the group’s executive director.

Zimone has many years of corporate leadership experience, and has been active in the SVC as a director (2000-2002 and 2003-2006), co-chair of the SVC strategic planning committee (2008), vice president (2007-2009), president (2009-2011), past president (2011-2013) and the awards committee (2016-2017).

A Fellow of Alpha Sigma Mu of the National Honors Society for Materials Engineering and most recently president of Jenoptik Advanced Systems, Zimone has been tasked by the board to strengthen the SVC’s structure and focus on enhancing value to the diverse SVC stakeholder base.

“Frank will be forming and leading the team that will bring management of all SVC activities in-house for the first time in SVC history,” says Gary Vergason of Vergason Technology, and president of the SVC. “The board believes that bringing these activities in-house are essential for the SVC to drive organizational effectiveness, cost optimization, and stakeholder support to the levels that are required to support the SVC’s strategic plan to become the global source for learning, applying, and advancing vacuum coating, surface engineering, and related technologies.”

Reporting directly to the board, Vergason says Zimone and his team will be responsible for optimizing the TechCon exhibition, TechCon program structure and the education program, along with building the SVC’s online presence and marketing efforts to ensure continued growth and stakeholder value as the SVC enters into its sixth decade as the world’s leading professional group for vacuum coating and related processes.

“It is anticipated that in addition to the current strategic alliance with ASMI, the new SVC management team will have the opportunity and the skillsets to develop additional, complementary relationships with other organizations that will broaden both the scope and reach of the SVC,” Vergason says.


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