Surface Technology North America 2016: Inaugural Trade Show To Showcase The Entire Spectrum Of Surface Treatments And Coatings

Inaugural Surface Technology North America 2016, one of five industrial technology events co-located at IMTS from September 12–17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, will cover the entire spectrum of surface treatments and coatings.

The inaugural Surface Technology North America 2016, one of five industrial technology events co-located at IMTS from September 12–17, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago, will cover the entire spectrum of surface treatments and coatings.

North American and international exhibitors will showcase coating processes for metals, plastics, glass and ceramics, as well as electroplating, industrial plasma-based surface treatment, and micromachining. Select surface treatment and cleaning solutions focused on the automotive, mechanical, metalworking, electronics and electrical engineering industries, as well as medical technology sector will hold the spotlight.

“Surface Technology North America is a perfect complement to IMTS because surface treatment is the next step in the manufacturing process after parts cleaning, especially in the metalworking industry where products need some final surface finishing process,” said HFUSA President & CEO Larry Turner.

Surface Treatments For Today’s Manufacturer

Tantec Vice President Jeff Gradus said, “During Surface Technology North America, Tantec will be demonstrating our corona and plasma systems for cleaning and pre-treating three dimensional objects and uniquely shaped products. Our surface treatment systems offer manufacturers the ability to improve the adhesion of any of their products, creating a surface that is more hydrophilic.”

Tantec is a longtime IMTS exhibitor. “Exhibiting at the inaugural Surface Technology North America trade show is a perfect fit for us. We look forward to this great opportunity to meet face-to-face with uniquely qualified visitors who are looking to secure our surface treatment and surface cleaning systems,” added Gradus.

Bruker Nano Surfaces Product Manager Sumin Zhu said, “Bruker is showcasing three surface technologies that provide metrology and testing solutions for applications and environments that are challenging for competing systems. For example, we are demonstrating the new Contour CMM, a non-contact dimensional metrology system that uniquely measures product shape and form, as well as surface texture and surface roughness.” The ability to precisely measure a part’s shape and also accurately characterize its surface detail is necessary for determining product quality and performance in a wide range of precision machining industries, from the development of medical implant to drill bit manufacturing.

Bruker will also highlight its universal mechanical tester, UMT TriboLab, which flexibly tests wear and performance of materials and products to see how they perform in motion and in real-world environments, matching the results to ASTM and regional standards. Bruker also will demonstrate the large-gantry NPFLEX 3D Optical Profiler, which measures surface roughness and texture rapidly, accurately, and without contact. “NPFLEX is unique because it analyzes small surface features on larger parts, such as an entire engine block, acquiring 3D images and quantifiable data in less than a minute.” added Zhu. 

President of Stronghold Coatings Systems Larry Grimenstein said, “Stronghold Coatings is launching two new products at the inaugural Surface Technology North America show. We are showcasing Stronghold’s new Blue Dichtol sealer, which can be utilized to seal all types of castings and industrial applications.” Blue Dichtol sealer applies a light blue film across the entire product surface to indicate that 100 percent of the surface is sealed.

Stronghold Coatings also will showcase its MM 1018 material, a load barring polymeric for bridge bearings, which is currently used throughout Europe. Grimenstein adds, “For more than 15 years of applications across European bridges, the bearings coated with MM 1018 are still in perfect condition. There is absolutely nothing like this product currently on the market in North America.”  

Surface Technology North America Spotlights Global Solutions

Show attendees can learn more about global advances in hybrid polymers with new properties used in the coatings industry, surface pre-treatments applied during the manufacturing process, as well as high-speed and batch process treatments.  Many of the new surface treatment applications demonstrated at the show will offer attendees new solutions for their surface treatment problems at substantial cost savings.

Surface Technology North America is hosting a German Pavilion supported by the German Ministry of Economics where attendees can secure contacts with German surface treatment companies. Additionally, treatment, cleaning and coating companies from Italy and France will be exhibiting their innovative solutions.

“Surface Technology North America 2016 is a spring board for all global companies to secure new business opportunities in the U.S., such as identifying potential buyer groups, locating distributors and potential business partners,” added Turner. 

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