Trutec Industries and MMI-Trutec Combine Under New Name

The companies will now operate under a new company name of Parker Trutec. 

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Trutec Industries Inc., and subsidiary MMI-Trutec Inc., have announced the companies will now operate under a new company name of Parker Trutec. At the same time, the company will unveil its new logo, and website at The company’s ownership under Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd. remains unchanged as does the company's staff.

The newly named Parker Trutec Group operates five facilities in North America, providing metal protection services including, heat treatment, surface coatings, and chemical blending, to the automotive, appliance, and firearms industries. The current Parker Trutec facilities are located in Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Aguascalientes, Mexico, with yearly revenues of $50 million.

To learn more about Parker Trutec and Nihon Parkerizing their line of metal protection and enhancement services, visit

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