Ultrasonic LLC Partners with Toefco Engineered Coatings Systems

The companies will offer impact and chemical resistant coatings for tanks and baskets.

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Ultrasonic LLC (Cincinnati) has partnered with Toefco Engineered Coating Systems Inc. (Niles, Michigan) to offer impact- and chemical-resistant coatings for tanks and baskets. Chemical-resistant coatings such as Halar, PFA, Tefzel, Kynar and PTFE are for processes that require aggressive acids to attain optimal cleaning because they enable longer service life over uncoated baskets and tanks. Delicate parts prone to surface blemishes can benefit from lining baskets with these materials to a softer surface to prevent scratches during loading and unloading. These coatings are designed for many industries and applications, including medical, aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial/manufacturing and more. Toefco Engineered Coatings are available on all sizes and models of Ultrasonic LLC machines.

For more information, visit ultrasonicllc.com or toefco.com.


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