United Technologies Research Center Wins Two Awards For Green Technology Innovations

Pratt & Whitney recognized for co-development of game-changing advancements.

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United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), the research and innovation arm of United Technologies Corp. has been recognized by R&D Magazine as a recipient of the publication's prestigious R&D 100 Award for two breakthrough eco-friendly technologies: EcoTuff corrosion inhibitor and a portable aluminum deposition system (PADS).

UTRC’s EcoTuff anticorrosion pigment for organic coatings was co-developed with and commercialized through Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp. EcoTuff was recognized for its ability to prevent the corrosion of high-strength aluminum alloys while maintaining the strength required for structural adhesive bond priming of aerospace products, without the use of hazardous materials.

The PADS, the second award-winning innovation, was developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in collaboration with UTRC and the University of Mississippi. It represents the world’s first cost-effective, portable and “green” aluminum electroplating system that repairs, and protects against, corrosion. The PADS was selected by virtue of its ability to deposit aluminum on geometrically complex conductive metal surfaces without the extremely stringent moisture- and oxygen-free environment required by traditional aluminum deposition techniques.

Both products, which are designed to prevent and/or repair corrosion on structural metal parts, will be among the year’s top 100 technological innovations showcased at the R&D 100 Awards ceremony.