Walter Surface Technologies Introduces Cleaner Selector App

Mobile App is designed to help distributor sales representatives and end-users select the best Bio-Circle solution for non-toxic industrial cleaning tasks.

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Surface treatment technology company Walter Surface has a new mobile application: the Bio-Circle Cleaner Selector Guide for use with Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, as well as Google Android devices.

Available in multiple languages, the app is designed to help distributor sales representatives as well as floor industry end-users in busy maintenance, repair and overhaul environments quickly and easily select the right Bio-Circle product for the application at hand.

The Bio-Circle Cleaner Selector App serves as a real-time reference guide that is easy to use, fast and always up to date. This allows the users to confidently select the right Bio-Circle product and solution for virtually any industrial cleaning application.”

 The App is available:

It can also be downloaded from the Walter Surface Technologies website at

Once downloaded, users of the Bio-Circle Cleaner Selector app simply enter details based on criteria including:

  • Type of Contaminant to be Cleaned (including Oil Grease, Grime, Light Residues and more)
  • Surface Type (such as Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and others)
  • Required Cleaning Method (Parts Washer, Dipping, etc.)
  • Size of Surface to Clean
  • and Certifications Required, if any (e.g. NSF)

The App will process the input and select for the user the most suitable Bio-Circle product to use for their specific application.