Acra’s EndPlate Removes Deposits from Plating Fixtures

EndPlate was developed to replace cyanide strippers and competitive cyanide-free products.

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Acra’s EndPlate is a non-cyanide product designed to strip electroless nickel deposits from mild steel, low and high carbon steel, tool steels, cast iron, stainless steels, 17–4 PH and all series of aluminum. EndPlate is also used to strip decorative chrome and nickel from aluminum and has been used to strip magnesium zirconate from Air Force craft engine burner cans, the company says.

EndPlate is a buffered stripped that will not etch the exposed base metals during the stripping process. EndPlate is also designed to remove heavy deposits from plating fixtures or hooks which prolong usefulness. The product strips 2–3 mils of electroless nickel per hour.

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