Adhesion Pretreatment Enables Plating on Composite Parts

The technology uses chrome-free, permanganate-free and solvent-free adhesion pretreatment.

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Rekin International and Alliance Finishing & Manufacturing jointly developed GreenPOP technology for plating on composite parts made from polyetherimide resins such as ULTEM. According to the companies, the technology uses chrome-free, permanganate-free and solvent-free adhesion pretreatment without any abrasive pre/post-treatment, and a direct metallization process that yields superior coating layer adhesion values when compared with traditional chromic acid pretreatment and electroless metallization processes. The companies say parts pretreated with the technology can be metallized by the traditional precious metal technique or by direct electrolytic plating methods.

During processing, GreenPOP technology gives the operator a visual indication of adhesion pretreatment quality of parts prior to subsequent plating with metal. And when stripped, GreenPOP etching/metallization technology does not dimensionally change parts. GreenPOP plated parts meet the conductivity and thermal shock requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 for composite plated parts. Waste treatment of rinse waters containing GreenPOP chemistry is designed to require only simple pH adjustment. In addition, GreenPOP plated parts meet RoHS and REACH requirements.

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