Ammonia-free Acid Zinc Nickel Electrolyte

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Posted on: 4/8/2009

Zinni AC AF 210 is the newest generation of ammonia-free acid zinc nickel electrolyte.

Zinni AC AF 210 is the newest generation of ammonia-free acid zinc nickel electrolyte. It produces an attractive bright coating with excellent corrosion protection due to its formation of a truly ?-phase zinc nickel structure. Homogeneous nickel incorporation between 12 -16% is achieved within a wide current density range, which leads to perfect corrosion protection over the entire substrate material. Zinni AC AF 210 was especially developed for direct plating of cast iron in rack application and is approved by the brake caliper industry. It is also beneficial for the plating of steel fasteners in mass production. A new brightener system was especially designed for smooth operation. The very high current efficiency results in optimum production throughput. According to Atotech, the product is unique due to the absence of ammonia. Compared with alkaline zinc nickel electrolytes, the process does not require high amounts of complexing agents, which are difficult to wastewater treat.
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